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“Réparapluie a Répar’acteurs”

“The Répar’acteurs network allows individuals to find a solution”

Published September 30, 2016 | by Répar’acteur

Laurence Debas, repairing umbrellas: “My clients thank me every time! “

reparapluie4-200x300“I held a leather goods for 24 years near Nancy and I did use an umbrella repairer for my clients. After his death, I had no solution and I decided to train me. This activity was therefore complementary and I do not think there was much potential. For 14 years now, I repaired nearly 1,200 umbrellas per year, throughout France. I work for professionals and individuals who mostly find me with my website. A great brand also appointed me exclusive repairer.

We are now less than ten in France to do just that, and spare parts are no longer manufactured. So, I get broken items, I disassembles and stores them in my studio. So I can fix all the umbrellas sold in France. This is painstaking work that requires few tools, mainly pliers, a drill and a heat gun.

You should know that a repair is not expensive at all since to repair a whale eg 10 € sufficient. Most repairs are not also exceed 20 € and can also involve a mat, a handle, a tip … It’s amazing, but the sentimental value of an umbrella goes well beyond its purchase value . All clients, without exception, explain to me the emotional connection they have with this item: how they got it, to whom it belonged … They are often full of history and reference a moment of life.

Often individuals do not know how to repair their umbrella. The network of Répar’acteurs allows them to find a solution. And that makes me really happy to be able to make their service. Besides, they thank me every time and it always surprises me!

I hope to retire in the next 4 or 5 years and would like to find a buyer and may form the meantime because the demand is real and is not likely to disappear. Especially today, where people do not want to throw. ”

You can read this article on the website Répar’acteur.


Where to repair his umbrella?

Published November 30, 2015 | by RideeRieuse

There are a few years, to the gym, I met Laurence. We were, both in the back of the room. Her shyness as she had just arrived in the area and me to hide my incompetence.

She laughed to see me lost in the movements, confusing my right and my left, always setbacks.

We sympathized and I learned that she had a funny business, endangered. She repaired umbrellas.

I never thought to repair an umbrella. I told my husband that I had met Mary Poppins!

Seriously, this is a gesture that is part of an ecological approach, repairing instead of throwing. It contributes to the reduction of waste and raw materials economy. A label has been created, a beautiful initiative in the air.


I visited Laurence workshop at his home. There are strange machines, piles of spare parts boxes and handles, whales, cloth …

I’m a little jealous of articles devoted to him in the local newspaper, on television and in lemonde.fr. Just that !

Article in “Le Monde” : My business depends on the weather. (PDF)

Article on the Official Website: My business depends on the weather.

But it is deserved. His solid experience allows him to solve any problem. She loves this technical and meticulous work. She spends hours apart, grind these scattered parts, repair and refit its umbrellas.

She works for professionals, but many individuals send him umbrellas that have often sentimental value.

If you have an umbrella repair, think about it.


You can read this article on the site “Ridée Rieuse.”

My lasting umbrella

Published February 3, 2012 | by Vous Tombez pile.


Yes I read under the rain …


A storm suddenly worthy of Mary Poppins, a gardener who falls on you in full downpour, a fight in a square with the only weapon an umbrella … The umbrella has a hard life sometimes suffers a rain of damage. Until now, I had made a sizeable consumption: forgotten in the process, decomposed whale, unstructured clasp … I gave up the chance of my carelessness. A vicious circle that had me some incentive to invest as little as possible in this ephemeral accessory.

But I had fallen for an article of the French brand Vaux, quite amazing, with a “newspaper” fabric, very convenient to play in the rain. Unfortunately, he had a sudden untoward parking barrier (misadventure difficult to explain without a pattern …) which damaged up to its closure.

Fortunately, my life changed when I met on the Web site of Laurence Debas: Reparapluie.com
But of course it is, “repair” is the twin brother of “recycling”. Instead of bringing a folding Made in China who do not pass the monsoon, I sent him mine in Ussac, in Corrèze. A small quote by email, a big yes in return, a small check in the mail and I found my parasol … with the satisfaction of having worked for local crafts.

You also save your banged umbrellas: before throwing them, send them to their favorite nurse …

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