Réparapluie a Répar’acteurs

“Réparapluie a Répar’acteurs”

“The Répar’acteurs network allows individuals to find a solution”

Published September 30, 2016 | by Répar’acteur

Laurence Debas, repairing umbrellas: “My clients thank me every time! “

reparapluie4-200x300“I held a leather goods for 24 years near Nancy and I did use an umbrella repairer for my clients. After his death, I had no solution and I decided to train me. This activity was therefore complementary and I do not think there was much potential. For 14 years now, I repaired nearly 1,200 umbrellas per year, throughout France. I work for professionals and individuals who mostly find me with my website. A great brand also appointed me exclusive repairer.

We are now less than ten in France to do just that, and spare parts are no longer manufactured. So, I get broken items, I disassembles and stores them in my studio. So I can fix all the umbrellas sold in France. This is painstaking work that requires few tools, mainly pliers, a drill and a heat gun.

You should know that a repair is not expensive at all since to repair a whale eg 10 € sufficient. Most repairs are not also exceed 20 € and can also involve a mat, a handle, a tip … It’s amazing, but the sentimental value of an umbrella goes well beyond its purchase value . All clients, without exception, explain to me the emotional connection they have with this item: how they got it, to whom it belonged … They are often full of history and reference a moment of life.

Often individuals do not know how to repair their umbrella. The network of Répar’acteurs allows them to find a solution. And that makes me really happy to be able to make their service. Besides, they thank me every time and it always surprises me!

I hope to retire in the next 4 or 5 years and would like to find a buyer and may form the meantime because the demand is real and is not likely to disappear. Especially today, where people do not want to throw. ”

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