The Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts Limousin invests in action to promote the trades of repair.

A survey of actors Trades repair is conducted to better know this business.

Trades will repair shoemaker to the jeweler through the repair of computers … For this activity of repair, these businesses are able to be a player in sustainable development:
• Reduction of waste,

• Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to the production and transportation of new materials,

• Economy of raw materials.
In addition to event actions enabling repairmen to become known and to show their skills, the Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts Limousin offers Répar’acteurs label.
This label is obtained under condition signature of a Charter which formalises the commitment of the participating enterprises in a sustainable development approach.

They agree to:
• promote the repair before proposing the renewal of equipment

• have an environmental management that minimizes the impacts of their activities
Obtaining the label gives the right to use the brand communication tools: logo, window sticker, poster.

The Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Limousin, in partnership with ADEME, is launching a communication campaign on repairing and crafts, REPAR’ACTEURS. The objective of this campaign is to show that when a fault occurs, there is an alternative to change the repair.

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