Réparapluie a Répar’acteurs

"Réparapluie a Répar’acteurs" "The Répar'acteurs network allows individuals to find a solution" Published September 30, 2016 | by Répar'acteur Laurence Debas, repairing umbrellas: "My clients thank me every time! " "I held a leather goods for 24 years near Nancy and I did use an umbrella repairer for my clients. After his death, ... More

Télim TV – Tomorrow in Limousin

September 30, 2014- Télim TV - Demain en Limousin. Read more More

We repair all the umbrellas and ombrelles !

  All the umbrellas can be rehabilitated, old and recent changes with whales, pole and handle. Beyond repair workshop also ensures restoration of older models. The workshop Ambergris services are intended primarily for professional leather goods and umbrella sellers, the workshop can also respond to requests from individuals. More

Repair of the day !

A discount in spectacular condition !!!! I regularly hand of old umbrellas, the edges of the fabric are very damaged. To restore their rejuvenated, it do not cost very expensive: For less than € 20, depending on the umbrella; The advantage, you will keep your canvas .... and your umbrella will be ready for more rain! See the ... More


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The Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts Limousin invests in action to promote the trades of repair. ... More


The workshop Ambre Gris is official Repairer of Knirps     More