laurence_debasAt a time when many are aware of the fate of the planet, repair umbrella is a sustainable development action. Why throw an umbrella over which lack a rib, clog and pollute waste disposal facilities but also consume more than expected, whereas a simple maintenance, at low cost, by Laurence Debas can help you to fight against these abuses ? Ecology and economy are the two daily challenges to leave a clean planet to our children. A quick simple process: Make repair your umbrellas!  

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You want to repair your umbrella or your ombrelle? Here’s how proceed :


The Workshop Ambre Gris is the repairer Official Knirps France.
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The Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts Limousin invests in action to promote the trades of repair.
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We repair all the umbrellas and ombrelles too !

All the umbrellas can be rehabilitated. Beyond repair workshop also ensures restoration of older models. Read more

My lasting umbrella

Published February 3, 2012|By Vous Tombez pile.
A storm suddenly worthy of Mary Poppins, a gardener who falls on you in full downpour, a fight in a square with the only weapon an umbrella …
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Where to repair your umbrella?

November 30, 2015 | by RideeRieuse
There are a few years, to the gym, I met Laurence. We were, both in the back of the room ....
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Video of September 29, 2014- FR3 - Corrèze.